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Aim and Scope of the Journal:

The International Biological and Biomedical Journal (IBBJ) is a peer-reviewed, quarterly publication . The journal covers all aspects of biology and medical disciplines such as biomarker discovery in dignosis and treatment, genomics and proteomics, bioinfomatics, computer applications in human biology, tissue engineering, medical biotechnology, nanomedicine, biological aspects of growth, death and survival, clinical biochemistry, medical aspects of infesctious and non-infectious diseases.
The following types of papers are considererd for publication: original research works, reveiws, mini- reveiws, case reports, short communications and letters to the editor in the above mentioned fieleds. IBBJ is a free access journal.
All open access articles published in IBBJ are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY.
The journal doesn't  have any submission and  article processing charges (APCs).
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